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 Special Guests!

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PostSubject: Special Guests!   Sat Oct 05, 2013 9:10 pm

Ok guys it seams as though we have a slight problem and some confusion with inviting our friends and guests along to our events.  Now I know that we are a club and we have paid members that are big contributors to the Maryborough Ford Club (MFC) but you must remember at the end of the day we are all car enthusiasts.  I mean sure we all have different likes and tastes but at the end of the day, WHAT WE LOVE is that our interest all have 4 wheels and a motor! Now as I understand, as a motoring enthusiast since I was 3 (1980), we are all on our way to the same event!  eg. (Riding for Disable / Ruff N Tuff Motor Display).  Which also generates business (Like for our good friends Bob and Die with the Brake Hose Business!)

SO if you have a great friend that is going to the same event then we might as well all cruise together!  Now obviously If your SPECIAL GUEST owns a Ford, sure, blend in with the crew!  If your a different make of vehicle, then follow behind the Ford Club and cruise to our detestation which is usually a huge event with all different makes anyway!

Now obviously, if we are going on a club run only,  I think we should use this thread to let members of the Maryborough Ford Club know (MFC), that our special guests will be joining us in a particular club event!  This way we can compensate for who is joining in with us and work out the costs and what not.

While I'm creating this thread I'm also thinking that we should take these events with a light heart.  Because at the end of the day we are all there for the same reason and we all just wanna have fun with our cars so have a great time and meet new people with the same interest as you which is motor cars, Race cars, Show cars, or thrashers!

So lets unite and enjoy cars and cruising how it should be!


Josh MFC Coordinator

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Special Guests!
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